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  • "I use cloth diapers on my baby and he was getting some chaffing on his sensitive skin. I bought a TON of Surfer Salve (a favorite discovery from a trip to HI ten years ago)and liberally apply it with every diaper change. It keeps his skin so smooth, soft, and hydrated!"

  • "Your product is the best! I found out about surfer salve from friends! I started using it everynight on my face and it has cleared blemishes from years past. It really helps keep skin clear and younger looking! I'll be telling all my friends about it!" ...Laurie

  • "We live in Nebraska, and it gets extremely dry here in the winter. I use this on my fingers when the skin cracks, and also for chapped lips, and just about any other skin problem I have. Love it!!" ...Paula

  • "A friend who spent the summer in Hawaii brought me back a tube of surfer's salve. I wasn't sure about it at first, but once I used it, I was hooked. I've used it on burns from cooking, tattoos, eczema, all kinds of stuff! A lot of salves and ointments work well, but smell bad. This stuff works wonderfully and smells great!" ...Ivy

  • "I have loved these products for the last eight years. I brought some Surfer's Salve back to give to one of my employees whose mother has been suffering from severe psoriasis. No dermatologist has been able to help her. Now she has some relief as after about a week of applying the surfers salve, she is starting to heal!" ...Darleen